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Bailey Aorta Clamp

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DDP Elite USA Bailey Aorta Clamp are designed for use in cardiothoracic surgical procedures. This clamp is ideal for use when there is a surgical maneuver that requires exclusion of a specific portion of the vessel. The unique design of this clamp with the slightly angled shanks allows for this clamp to effectively reach and clamp off the aorta when other instruments may not be able to. Additionally, this instrument is available in three different jaw sizes: extra small, small and large making it well suited for a number of different vessel sizes but also in different levels of blood flow restriction. Please note that website images are often representative of the product family and may not conform to the exact specifications or features of the item you select. The final specifications will match the description of the specific catalog item you select. Please review such specifications in the item description to ensure the correct product is ordered.