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Titanium Barraquer Needle Holder

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DDP Elite USA Barraquer needle holder is a often used tool in postoperative management of ophthalmologic surgeries. The holder may be used for suturing the conjunctiva, sclera, or extraocular muscles. This model features 11 mm jaws for use with standard or fine suturing needles. A locking mechanism is included to free the surgeon's hands as desired. Forceps manufactured with a lightweight, titanium alloy body offer advantages for procedures that require delicate precision. They possess greater strength and durability than stainless steel and superior resistance to corrosion, staining and pitting. Titanium forceps are almost half the weight of stainless steel, offering a more tactile feel with minimal fatigue. Finally, blue-colored tint reduces glare and the non-magnetic material resists static buildup. Please note that website images are often representative of the product family and may not conform to the exact specifications or features of the item you select. The final specifications will match the description of the specific catalog item you select. Please review such specifications in the item description to ensure the correct product is ordered.