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Iris Scissors - Tungsten Carbide

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DDP ELITE Iris Scissors are handcrafted with tungsten carbide inlays that increase durability, provide the sharpest cutting edge, and extend the lifetime of the product. The Iris Scissors were first designed for the intricacies demanded by ophthalmic surgery. Today these fine, sharp scissors can be used in other contexts where precision is required. Iris Scissors are very small, and contain an extremely sharp point which make them ideal for fine detailed work. These scissors are used widely in ophthalmology, as well as in the emergency room for a variety of medical tasks. The  Iris Scissor is available with a straight or curved tips and as a curved, left-handed model. Tungsten carbide inlays are bonded to scissor blades, providing increased durability, sharper cutting edges and enhanced service-life. These scissors feature gold-plated handles. Please note that website images are often representative of the product family and may not conform to the exact specifications or features of the item you select. The final specifications will match the description of the specific catalog item you select. Please review such specifications in the item description to ensure the correct product is ordered.