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Ruskin Duckbill Bone Rongeur

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DDP Elite USA Ruskin Duckbill Bone Rongeur is a uniquely designed instrument for use in orthopedic surgeries. Like a typical rongeur this instrument can be used to grasp and cut bone but also features scoop type jaws that allows it to be used to clear out bone or bony areas. Unique to this rongeur is its duckbill shape that gives it an angle that increases its ability to access certain bony areas. This rongeur is double-action and features jaws that are 5.0 mm x 15.00 mm making them well suited for a vast array of surgical interventions. Please note that website images are often representative of the product family and may not conform to the exact specifications or features of the item you select. The final specifications will match the description of the specific catalog item you select. Please review such specifications in the item description to ensure the correct product is ordered.